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Feature and Benefits

fDraw is written with C#. Net and it is fully compatible with .Net environment. fDraw can be easily added to any .Net application by Drag and drop. fDraw offer a lot of Autocad compatible entities such as Circle, Arc, Line, and etc (As listed below). fDraw uses OpenGL as its 2D and 3D graphics API due to its multiplatform graphic standard and high performance in 2D/3D rendering. fDraw using a highly optimize rendering engine which was able to speed up the rendering process

Primitive Drawing Entities
1) Arc
2) Attributes
3) Circle
4) Construction lines
5) Dimension ( Rotated dimension, Align dimension, Angular Dimension, Radius dimension, Diameter Dimension).
6) Ellipse
7) Image
8) Insert
9) Leader
10) LwPolyline
11) Multi Line
12) Line
13) Point
14) PolyFace
15) PolyHatch
16) 3D Polyline
17) Ray
18) Rectangle
19) Text & MultiText
20) 3DFace
21) Viewport
22) Curve
23) Bitmap Text
24) B-Spline Surface
Shading Modes
  • WireFrame
  • Shaded
  • gouraud
  • Zoom/Pan/3D Orbit/Fly (3D continous orbit mode)/3D Walkthrough
  • Zoom All, Zoom Extend, Zoom Windows, Zoom previous
  • 3D Views: Bottom, Front, Right, Rear, Left, Top, Isometric and etc
  • True perpective panning and zooming.
  • View Cube
  • Perpective
  • Orthographic
Others Features
  • UCS (User Coordinate System)
  • Text Styles (true type and SHX)
  • Blocks
  • Material
  • Lighting
  • Layering
  • Line Types
  • Dimension styles
  • Font Style (support Unicode, Asian character and etc)
  • Filter Object
  • Supported format DXF (Import/Export),3DS (Import/Export),WaveFront Obj(Import/Export)
  • Save Image
  • TrueColor Support
  • Print, Print Preview
  • Magnifier view
  • Object snaps (Osnaps)
  • Snap to grid
  • PolarTracking
  • Overlay Display
  • Triangulation
Solid Modeling
  • Boolean operation (Union, Intersection and Subtraction) between Solid objects.
Primitive Entities
  • Box
  • Cone
  • Cylinder
  • Torus
  • Sphere
Solid Creation
  • Extruded Solid Along the Path in a plane
  • Extruded Solid Along Z axis
  • Twisted Extruded Solid Along Z axis
  • Extruded Solid Along the Path in 3D space
  • Revolved Solid
  • Create new solid entity by applying the Union, Intersection or Subtraction operation between solid entities.
Solid Editing
  • Fillet Solid Edge